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An Essential Guide for Casino-Goers

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Whether you’re a first-time player or a casino regular, Charlie Frair’s unique guidebook gives you the tools, skills, and knowledge to go into any casino, anywhere in the world, play casino games, and have a great time—win, lose or draw.


Through personal stories, insightful quotes and step-by-step instructions, Charlie teaches you best practices for learning casino games, planning your time and managing your money. He defines advantages you have as a player, reveals costly errors to avoid and introduces ten “Golden Rules of Gaming.”  Finally, drawing on his 50 years of experience, Charlie shows you how to plan your casino trips so that each one is an exciting and outrageous adventure.

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"Please understand, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it's meant to be, which is fun and entertaining."


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Casino Fun 101 Shows You:

  • How to reduce your risk and elevate your play.

  • How to learn and practice casino games.

  • Three common errors to avoid.  

  • How to plan your time, manage your money, and keep simple records.

  • Three qualities that put you in charge.

  • Ten player advantages you have.

  • Ten golden rules for gaming.

  • And lots more.   

Basically, you’ll learn how to be a smart player when investing your money in the entertainment, adventure, and excitement casinos have to offer.  Most importantly, you’ll be learning how to enjoy yourself and have a fantastic time.

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My promises

If you study and apply what you learn in this book I promise:

You’ll substantially reduce your risk and stretch your entertainment dollars while playing casino games.

If a beginner, you’ll gain the confidence and ability for making your first trips to casinos fun and exciting adventures.

If an experienced player, you’ll elevate your level of play while significantly increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction.

You’ll be capable of and comfortable going into any casino anywhere in the world knowing how to have a great time and never, ever lose your shirt.

Praise & Reviews

“The book brings to life the excitement and realities of casino entertainment.  Charlie masterfully covers all the things to keep in mind whether the reader is a novice or a pro.  This must-read could save you hundreds of dollars, as well as needless heartache.”    

Christina Delano,

Former poker dealer and professional gambler

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Free Downloadable Resources

I invite you to download and use the forms below to enhance your casino experience.  Always remember, playing casino games is for entertainment and your purpose in playing is to have fun. 

If you’re not having fun, don’t play.


Casino Scavenger Hunt

A casino scavenger-hunt check list for getting familiar with a casino.


Casino Trip Planning

A casino trip kit to plan and create your casino trips being amazing fun adventures.


Ten Player Advantages

A list of ten player advantages you have.


Ten Golden Rules

A list of ten golden rules for playing casino games.

My Story

Charlie grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, and Colorado. While earning his degree at the University of Colorado, he also served as a VISTA volunteer in Omaha, Nebraska for two years.


After spending several years traveling, he settled down in Maine, where he built his own home and eventually founded Partners in Ending Hunger. He served on special commissions for two different Maine Governors and was awarded “Humanitarian of the Year” in New Jersey by Events to Empower Humanity for the work Partners did in that state. At the same time, he led Seminars for Landmark Education for twenty years. Most recently, he worked with a market research firm.


Ever since he can remember, Charlie loved playing games. Outdoor games, board games, card games, sports—you name it, and he’s played it. His sister Peggy, an Olympic athlete, taught him to love competition and the importance of preparation. He started playing casino games in his twenties and still plays today. Doing so has helped him strengthen his discipline and patience muscles, sharpen his math, and expand his logical thinking skills.


In this book, Charlie shares his enjoyment of playing casino games and passes on lots of the knowledge he’s gained over fifty years of playing. During that time, he’s mastered the art of having a great time while playing, whether winning, losing, or breaking even. He always has fun.

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