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  • (Experienced players) Elevate your level of play
  • (Beginners) Make your first casino trip a fun and exciting adventure
  • Correct the 3 common mistakes players make
  • Discover the four steps for learning casino games
  • Become skilled at time and money management
  • Understand how casinos work
  • Learn how to create a casino trip kit









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The Four Promises of the Workshop

We understand you are taking a risk by doing the Workshop and wanted to share the promises we are making to you if you do.
We promise:

  • When you apply what we present in this Workshop you will substantially reduce your risk and stretch your entertainment dollars.
  • If a beginner, you will gain the confidence and ability for making your first trip to a casino a fun and exciting adventure.
  • If an experienced player, you will elevate your level of play while significantly increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • Once you have completed this workshop you will be capable of and comfortable going into any casino anywhere in the world knowing how to have a great time and not lose your shirt.