Corporate Partner Registration

Welcome to our Corporate Partner registration page and thank you for working with us to spread the word about the CasinoFun 101 Workshop.


Once you have registered yourself as a Corporate Partner, we will provide you with your own personal Discount Code which you will be able share with as many of your customers as you wish. We will also offer you a variety of brochures or flyer type handouts that you are welcome to copy and print as promotional pieces. Each person who registers for the Workshop using your Discount Code will receive a $10 discount and you will receive a $5 credit.


When registering please make sure you have an active PayPal account as that is the only method we will be using to pay you.


All Corporate Partners’ credits accumulate for a quarter of the calendar year are paid 30 days after each quarter in April, July, October and January. You will be able to check your progress at any time at your dashboard.


Thanks again for being our Partner. If you have any suggestions or ideas you feel would improve this Partnership Program or the Workshop itself. Please let us know.


Yours truly,




Partner Registration