Casino Scavenger Hunt

A Casino Scavenger Hunt


The purpose of this exercise is to help you get familiar with the casino and get
acclimated to the casino environment before you play. It includes, finding
locations for various games in the casino, finding different types of players,
observing action at table games, and identifying casino employees and the jobs
they are performing.


The Casino:

 How many gaming rooms are there?
 Find the poker room.
 Where do people play bingo?
 Find the sports betting room.
 Where’s the keno lounge (in case there’s an earthquake)
 Find a “high rollers” section (for people who bet large amounts).
 How many restaurants does the casino have?
 How many bars are in the casino?
 Where are the restrooms?
 Find where they promote their big winners with pictures or plaques.


Slot Machines:
 How are the slot machines marked? Which colors represent what amounts?
 Find a machine that takes only two to three coins a play.
 Find a machine that takes five to seven coins a play.
 Find a machine that pays out a lot of times and has a smaller jackpot.
 Find a machine that pays out fewer times and has a very large jackpot.
 Find a slot worker and ask them if there are any “hot machines” anywhere.


Table Games:
 Find areas where table games are played.
 Find a table with happy players. (These can be good tables for playing.)
 Find a table of unhappy players (a table to avoid).
 Find a craps table that is hot.
 Find a craps table that is cold.
 Find a table game where a player wins at least three games in a row.
 Find a table game where the dealer wins at least three hands in a row.
 Find a table where people are tipping.
 Find a table where people are not tipping.
 If shuffling by hand, watch the complete process of a hand shuffle.
 If machine shuffling, find out how the dealer prepares the cards for the shuffler.
 Observe someone flat betting.
 Observe someone raising and lowering their bets. See if you can identify their betting

 Find a table where most people are betting more than the table minimum.
 Observe people buying in at a table. What are the buy-in amounts?
 Find tables where the minimum bets are $5, $10, $25, and $100.
 Find a roulette table and observe how people are playing


General Observations:
 Find a pit boss or floor person.
 Find someone who sits in one place and never moves.
 Find someone who is constantly moving from table to table.
 Observe someone who’s being disciplined.
 Find someone who’s being patient.
 Find someone who’s lost their patience.
 Find someone who is tilting.
 Apply for a player’s card.
 Find someone raising their bets to win back their money. (Of course, you’ll never make this
 Observe someone who is playing like a Bozo.
 Find a Beginner, someone learning and wanting to improve.
 Find a Better Bettor or a Boss, someone who knows what they’re doing—and it shows.


If you take the time to do a scavenger hunt, not only will you have more fun, but
you’ll learn a lot about the casino you’re in and be in great mental shape for
playing casino games when you play.


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