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Whether you’re a first-time player or a casino regular, Charlie Frair’s unique guidebook gives you the tools, skills, and knowledge to go into any casino, anywhere in the world, play casino games, and have a great time—win, lose or draw.


Through personal stories, insightful quotes and step-by-step instructions, Charlie teaches you best practices for learning casino games, planning your time and managing your money. He defines advantages you have as a player, reveals costly errors to avoid and introduces ten “Golden Rules of Gaming.” Finally, drawing on his 50 years of experience, Charlie shows you how to plan your casino trips so that each one is an exciting and outrageous adventure.


“This book brings to life the excitement and realities of casino entertainment. Charlie masterfully covers all the things to keep in mind whether the reader is a novice or a pro. This must-read could save you hundreds of dollars, as well as needless heartache.”


Christine Delano, Former poker player and professional gambler


What People Are Saying


“I like that this book stresses having fun while playing casino games responsibly.  At the same time it’s loaded with valuable information and useful tips.  Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned player, CASINO FUN 101 will leave you empowered and ready to have an enjoyable and rewarding casino experience.”  


Peter Adams, Casino patron and poker player   



“As a consultant for casinos who works directly in the area of gambler experience, I know the importance of retaining customers by focusing on an experience that will get them to come back again and again.  If people who play casino games would read and importantly, apply what this book teaches, the result will be an ideal win- win situation for both the individual gambler as well as the casino.  The principles outlined in this book will help to ensure that players will have a great time and the casinos will thus gain a more loyal set of customers.”   


Scott Bahr, President, Cairn Consulting Group



“Before I met Charlie I had little interest in going to a casino, in fact my only casino experience was an example from his book of what not to do. After having the privilege of participating in the evolution of this book and a one-day casino trip with him, he taught me a totally different and much more inviting view of casinos.  He turned my opinion completely around.” 


Lisa Latno, A skeptic who now knows better now   




“As a Casino surveillance operator, it took me just minutes to identify the unprepared and new patrons who were likely to lose their money fairly quickly. Charlie helps ensure a better casino experience by explaining in simple details not only how to properly learn casino games but manage your time and money as well.  This vital information will save you money and maximize your casino experience.”


Mark Tucker, Director/Senior Investigator, Dirigo Investigations & Security 


“For me there are three scenarios when playing casino games.  I call them the three A’s:

  1. Play and finish with more money – AWESOME
  2. Play, finish with less money, but play all week and have a blast – ACCEPTABLE
  3. Play and lose it all on the first day – AWFUL
  4. CASINO FUN 101 is an easy read which shows you how to establish the disciplines needed to make the most of your gaming and entertainment experience. It keeps you away from the AWFUL, an all too common scenario #3!”


Kenneth Ray, Blackjack player, Poker tournament player, World Series of Poker veteran  


“CASINO FUN 101 really lives up to its name. Charlie keeps this informative book moving right along from start to finish in a straightforward, generous and conversational manner.  I’m not a casino goer, but if I was, I’d want Charlie to be there as my Guardian Angel."


Non-Gambler, author and poet: Prayers of a Roadside Contemplative - - Janet Shea


How To Buy Casino Fun 101


Casino Fun 101 is available both in paperback form and as an ebook at all major online outlets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, etc. 


For an Autographed copy, email Charlie at and he’ll send one to you.  Autographed copies are $25 each which includes postage.



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"So you think you don’t gamble? Read my review.


Casino Fun 101 is a pleasure to read, immensely instructive, and goes well beyond gaming in casinos.


In the 1980s, I believed I was investing in the stock market, and lost my shirt (an embarrassing amount of money). I didn’t adequately prepare, and wasn’t knowledgeable about what I was doing. The truth is I wasn’t investing, or even speculating – I was gambling, I doubled down after suffering stock losses, risked money I was saving for other things, had no plan, and didn’t consult with anyone. Perhaps riskiest of all, I was riding on my emotions.


Charlie Frair’s book makes it abundantly clear that there are effective ways to approach risk, and offers numerous paths to improve ones odds and reduce risk. Casino Fun 101 is a must-read as a guide for life, whatever the risk, whether it involves, major purchases, investments, relationships, or adventure activities. Had I known of Charlie’s straight-forward recommendations and used them early on, I would’ve been spared considerable disappointment, lost money, and almost near disaster.


Casino Fun 101’s approach to casino gaming is clearly a metaphor for managing all the risks we face in life."


Nick Rehagen – Investor

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