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Reading Casino Fun 101 Is A Sure Bet.

Whether you’re a first-time player or a casino regular, Charlie Frair’s unique guidebook gives you the tools, skills, and knowledge to go into any casino, anywhere in the world, play casino games, and have a great time-win, lose or draw.


Through personal stories, insightful quotes and step-by-step instructions, Charlie teaches you best practices for learning casino games, planning your time and managing your money. He defines advantages you have as a player, reveals costly errors to avoid and introduces ten “Golden Rules of Gaming.” Finally, drawing on his 50 years of experience, Charlie shows you how to plan your casino trips so that each one is an exciting and outrageous adventure.




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“As a consultant for casinos who works directly in the area of gambler experience, I know the importance of retaining customers by focusing on an experience that will get them to come back again and again.  If people who play casino games would read and importantly, apply what this book teaches, the result will be an ideal win- win situation for both the individual gambler as well as the casino.  The principles outlined in this book will help to ensure that players will have a great time and the casinos will thus gain a more loyal set of customers.”   










  1. Play and finish with more money – AWESOME
  2. Play, finish with less money, but play all week and have a blast – ACCEPTABLE
  3. Play and lose it all on the first day – AWFUL
  4. CASINO FUN 101 is an easy read which shows you how to establish the disciplines needed to make the most of your gaming and entertainment experience. It keeps you away from the AWFUL, an all too common scenario #3!”





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Casino Fun 101 is available both in paperback form and as an ebook at all major online outlets such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, etc. 


For an Autographed copy, email Charlie at and he’ll send one to you.  Autographed copies are $25 each which includes postage.



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