About Workshop

Hundreds of courses regarding casino gaming are being sold today in bookstores, on the internet, and/or presented in live workshops. Most of these courses can be divided into three general categories of learning. One type teaches people how to play various casino games. A second proclaims to reveal systems and secrets on how to beat casino games, such as card counting in Black Jack. A third provides advice and support to individuals for whom gambling is a problem.


Surprisingly, there are not that many consumer education courses that teach people how to play casino games responsibly and get the most for the money they invest in the entertainment and excitement that casinos offer. CasinoFun 101 is consumer education at its best.


Dee’s and my overall goal for teaching the Workshop:


To have each participant be able to go into any Casino anywhere in the world and have a fun, stimulating and satisfying experience whether they win, lose or draw.


The course is divided into six 15-20 minute sections. Each section presents 2-3 important concepts which when learned and applied will have you be a smarter and more responsible player. And, as we say, have you playing like a “Boss”.



#1. The Orientation
The purpose of the Orientation is:

To provide you with a solid foundation for getting the maximum value from the Workshop.


The Orientation reviews the course design, the content of the course and introduces four different types of players who go to casinos.


#2. Casinos and How They Work

The purpose of the ‘Casinos and How They Work’ section is:

To give you enough information on how casinos work that you will be comfortable in a casino environment without becoming overconfident and doing foolish things.


The material in this section covers who goes to casinos and why people gamble in the first place, how casinos make money, the different types of games, who runs casinos and how they keep their customers engaged.


#3. First Things First

The purpose of the "First Things First" section is:

To startle you with how easily and how often players actually beat themselves, thus motivating you to be prepared and know what you are doing when you go into a casino.


In this section we will be revealing the 3 most common mistakes people make when playing that beat themselves and four important steps for learning how to play casino games.


#4. Creating Your Day and Keeping Records

The purpose of the ‘Creating Your Day’ section is:

  • To have you learn two simple routines:
  • Planning your playing time
  • Keeping records


We are committed to you being a smart and responsible player. So in Section 4 we will teach you how to make the most of your time while in a casino using sessions and a simple method to keep track of your wins and loses while learning from your mistakes and improving your play.


#5. Taking Care of Your Money

The purpose of the ‘Taking Care of Your Money’ section is:

To have you learn how to manage your money on a casino trip and while playing a game so that your chances of having a great time are increased substantially.


Knowing how to manage your money is a giant step towards ensuring your having a great time while playing in casinos, win lose or draw. There is a lot to learn about money management so we have broken this section into two parts.


  • In Part 5A we will be teaching you how to determine appropriate amounts like your trip bankroll, your buy in amounts and how much to bet in a game.
  • In part 5B we will demonstrate exactly how to manage your money while in a live game so that when you get ahead you can leave a winner and when you get behind you don’t lose too much.


#6. Qualities That Will Have You Play Like A Boss

The purpose of this final section is:

To promote three qualities that, when applied to everything you have learned in the previous sections, ensure you having a great time in any Casino in the world… win, lose or draw. We will also be teaching you how to make a ‘Trip Kit’ for your next casino adventure.


Both Dee and I believe this section is the most important one because we will be introducing you to three qualities, discipline, patience and practice that when applied to everything you have learned in the workshop will completely enhance your Casino experience. After we have discussed the three qualities we will end the workshop by showing you how to put together a trip kit that only takes 15 minutes or so to put together and will have you be completely prepared to have a great time at any casino anywhere in the world.


PLUS: In addition to everything we will be teaching in each Section, we will also be including:


The Eleven Golden rules of gaming: These gems of wisdom capture some of the best advice and guide lines for casino gaming learned over the years by smart and experienced players from all over the world.


Tips: At the end of each Section Dee will be sharing some BONUS TIPS, - -additional facts and information you will find useful for having more fun on your casino trips and adventures.