About the Instructors

Greetings and Welcome to our Website

Dee and I are excited to be presenting a unique and entertaining Workshop. Whether a beginner or highly experienced player this Workshop will elevate you’re playing abilities, reduce your risk, and teach you how to get the most for your entertainment dollars in a casino.


We are not teaching this workshop to convince you or encourage you to go to a casino or not. That is your choice. We are teaching this workshop, so that if you do go to a casino, you to have a blast. And if done responsibly and in the context entertainment we are sure you will.


Ultimately, our intention with this Workshop is:

“To make it possible for you to go into any Casino anywhere in the world and have a great time, win, lose or draw.”


Going into a casino unprepared is like jumping into the deep end of pool before knowing how to swim. Not the best experience. So, Dee and I invite you to register in our CasinoFun 101 Workshop, and be prepared to have a stimulating and exciting experience.


Registering has you be a lifetime member of this website and you can come back as many times as you wish.

Registering also makes you eligible for our Partners Program in which you are paid to recommend this Workshop to your friends.


Whether you take our Workshop or not we do thank you for taking the time to consider us and wish you the best of luck in all your casino adventures.




Meet The Instructors

About the Instructors

Casino Ed (Charlie)

Ever since I can remember, I have loved playing games; card games, board games, outdoor games, you name it and I probably have played it. Casino games for me are the ultimate challenge and I love playing them. I’ve been going to casinos now for more than 40 years and have learned countless lessons from the many great people I’ve met along the way.


How it goes when I play is sometimes I win, sometimes I lose and sometimes I break even. But I always have fun. Playing casino games is one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy taking trips to Las Vegas and other casino destinations every year.


My intention for this Workshop is to pass on to you some of the incredibly valuable information and knowledge other folks have been so generous to share with me.


Dee Mystify (Lisa)

I also love to play games and I consider myself a very competitive person, however I am new to casino gaming. I provide a good balance to what Casino Ed will be teaching because I have had to learn everything we’ll be teaching in this course. I’ll be leading the Workshop knowing what it takes to learn this material based on my own personal experience.


My role in this workshop is to clarify and make some of the more difficult parts easier to understand. I will also have some great tips and suggestions for you throughout the course. And I get to present the 11 Golden Rules of gaming!

My intention for this Workshop is that you have fun doing it and that each and every time you go into a casino you have a great time.