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Greetings! I appreciate your using CASINO FUN 101 to improve your gaming skills and more importantly have more fun on your casino adventures. My intention for CASINO FUN 101 is that it become a primary go-to manual or guide for people who play casino games and that it leave them smarter, healthier, and more confident players who enjoy their casino experiences more than ever before. Thank you for your partnership in achieving this goal.


About Me


I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, and Colorado. While earning my degree at the University of Colorado, I also served as a VISTA volunteer in Omaha, Nebraska for two years.


After spending several years traveling, I settled down in Maine, where I built my own home and eventually founded PARTNERS IN ENDING HUNGER. I served on special commissions for two different Maine Governors and was awarded “Humanitarian of the Year” in New Jersey by Events to Empower Humanity for the work my organization did in that state. At the same time, I led seminars for Landmark Education for twenty years. Most recently, I worked with a market research firm. I am also an active Rotarian.


Ever since I can remember, I loved playing games. Outdoor games, board games, card games, sports—you name it, and I've played it. My sister Peggy, an Olympic athlete, taught me to love competition and the importance of preparation. I started playing casino games in my twenties and still plays today. Doing so has helped me strengthen my discipline and patience muscles, sharpen my math skills, and expand my logical thinking skills.


In this book, I shares my enjoyment of playing casino games and pass on lots of the knowledge I've gained in over fifty years of playing. During that time, I've mastered the art of having a great time while playing, whether winning, losing, or breaking even. I always have fun.


Contact Me


Want to discuss something from the book or about casino games, you can reach me charlie@casinofun101.com. You can also visit and join my Facebook page at Casino Fun with Charlie: https://www.facebook.com/groups/891580801248396